The outbreak of COVID-19 created a new reality for people from all walks of life. A year and a half after the first recorded cases, people and industries remain overwhelmed by its long string of consequences, from the dramatic loss of life worldwide to social and economic disruptions. Yet, amid the debilitating impact of the pandemic, individuals from every corner of the world continue to demonstrate awe-inspiring strength and resilience, with many of them stepping up and making it their mission to help others cope with the new normal. Among these acclaimed figures is Nicolas Brochet, a well-accomplished entrepreneur who now stands at the helm of WOW Magazine.

Raised by supportive parents, Nicolas Brochet started making bold moves toward the forefront of multiple fields at a young age. In the aftermath of losing his mother and father when he was twenty, he decided to go all-out in elevating events and parties to the next level. “Though it has always been my thing to make parties and feasts for people around me, oddly, it was that exact time when I decided to make hospitality my lifetime business,” he added.

Today, Nicolas Brochet has emerged as one of the powerhouses in the sector of hospitality. With over twenty years of experience attached to his name, the go-getter has spearheaded numerous events in the past two decades, organizing fashion shows, movie festivals, art exhibitions, jewelry showcases, and more.

On top of his entrepreneurial acumen, his knack for knowing how to deliver premium experiences to customers has allowed Nicolas Brochet to develop and manage some of the most successful restaurants globally, including Matignon and L’Opéra in Paris, as well as La Petite Plage and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez. With the launch of his newest endeavor, WOW Magazine, the highly recognized personality is set to expand his impressive portfolio and reach greater heights.

WOW Magazine was born out of the Dubai resident’s desire to inspire and motivate people during this trying time. It began as a seedling of an idea and has now grown into a venture that promises to become of the leading luxury lifestyle publications in the UAE, Europe, South America, and Asia. “The 2020 lockdown gave me an opportunity to reflect on future projects,” shared Nicolas Brochet. “I realized that the world is experiencing a total shift toward digital media.” Armed with this understanding that the power of digital technology can be wielded to make a difference and leave an impact in the lives of others, he established the publication in the hopes of giving encouragement to readers and inspiring them through insight-rich content.

Focusing on high-end premium brands in the realms of fashion, jewelry, fine dining, cars, and travel destinations, WOW Magazine possesses the potential to transform into a go-to platform in the years to come. This brainchild of Nicolas Brochet not only provides a spotlight on prominent companies but also provides readers with much-needed inputs from leading experts in well-being, health, and finances.

Though his latest creative endeavor, WOW Magazine will surely not be the last, as more can be expected from Nicolas Brochet in the future. Apart from scaling the reach of his current initiatives, he plans to introduce new projects that will make waves in the event, hospitality, and finance industries.

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