Even those who are focused and optimistic have figured out that even challenging times can net tons of prospective business potential. Just take for example the unforgettable 2008 Recession, some unthinkable companies took themselves to new heights: Those were Venmo, Airbnb, Instagram, and even Uber. Right now, our reality is overcoming significant changes and globally known businessman Nicolas Brochet is exploring very fruitful and profitable ventures.

Ordinarily, the fast pace visionary would have looked over and perfectly tweaked his hospitality, tourism, and culture businesses. Disappointingly, he has had to obey the strict quarantine rules and respect the health and safety of his employees and customers which always come first. Brochet assembled his business on elegant experiences but has had a rough time switching over to a brand new concept. Interestingly, he triumphed by yielding to limited occupancy, frequent testing, and wellness screening for employees, as well as focusing extremely on hygiene.

It is evident that the revitalization of normal routines will take a lot of time. Regular routines, work weeks, and travel may not return soon. The lockdown, limitations, and restrictions will continue to be lengthy, Brochet made the decision to focus on new commitments. He felt the need to engineer a monumental celebration of life, fusing his three tremendous passions- art, fashion, and music- into a prominent show.