The limelight has always been natural for famous visionary Nicolas Brochet. Growing up, Brochet was raised by positive and loving parents, teaching Brochet how to create substantive relationships. In the midst of losing both parents at the tender age of 20, Brochet felt obliged to delve into a different avenues, as he was captivated to form entertainment and a free-spirited environments. He understood the value of making memorable times surrounded by ecstatic exuberance.

Brochet learned the intricacies of the hospitality industry from a world-renowned club owner, who supported him with encouragement and words of wisdom. Brochet often calls her his “guiding light”, because of her dedication to connect with all the necessary individuals.

The virtuoso later developed and managed some of the most prosperous restaurants worldwide, including L’Opera in Paris, Matignon, La Petite Plage, and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez. He is currently expanding his curatorial prowess into Dubai and the UAE, where he currently lives.

Brochet says that it is an absolute blessing to run businesses in these locations, as these locations empower Brochet to provide limitless energy and desire to create more incredible projects and events.

Brochet is still hands-on involved with his numerous accommodations, taking a large volume of calls a day, going through social media requests, responding to a large amount of emails, and doing everything in his power to handle everything in a timely manner.

Brochet is an expert at everything he does, he attributes his consistent focus to listening to his inner voice, and always looking at obstacles with a positive mindset. Brochet became more aware of his environmental surroundings, giving him significantly more dynamic sources of inspirations.

Brochet says that life itself is the most impactful and powerful motivator, and that each day gives him the opportunity to make life more beautiful, and the people around him happier. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brochet has had time to reflect and ponder new projects. He is currently engulfing himself into fashion, art, music, and is getting ready to debut a festival that encompasses all three aspects.

Brochet’s unwavering commitment to making others happy with exquisite experiences is far superior to anything material. His business acumen and industry knowledge are elements that guarantee that the best is on the horizon.