Events have started to make a comeback worldwide as we enter a new phase past the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, one events expert and business maven, Nicolas Brochet, looks to welcome the new reality post-pandemic with a bang by mounting an event he calls the International Fashion Music Art Festival, held in Zaya Nurai Magic Island in Abu Dhabi.

The event will be one of the many projects he looks to mount over the next few months to restart the world and bring color back to people’s lives after an unprecedented moment in time. The goal of the event is to highlight once more the things that make life beautiful. “Life is precious and fleeting, so I think we should seize every opportunity to celebrate life and things which make our lives bright and vibrant,” shares Brochet. “For me, these things are art, music and fashion. They are eternal and give sense to life.”

Nicolas Brochet is an entrepreneur and events connoisseur with over two decades of experience in bringing together the most bespoke international events in the world. He has mounted fashion shows, film festivals, art exhibits, jewelry showcases, and many other kinds of luxury-driven and experience-centric happenings for people in the UAE area and beyond. So when the world paused due to the 2020 Coronavirus surge, Nicolas would use the time to recalibrate his plans and create a vision for more memorable experiences.

During this time, Brochet conceptualized the luxury magazine publication, WOW Magazine, which highlights the life of luxury in UAE, Europe, South America, and Asia. Nicolas started the digital magazine to encourage readers to aspire for more extraordinary things despite the overwhelming challenges. For the entrepreneur, luxury isn’t a wasteful experience. On the contrary, it’s a glimmer of hope despite the challenging times. “Our mission with WOW Magazine was to give encouragement to our readers during current difficult economic and social times and to give them inspiration through well-being, health and financial advice from our leading experts,” adds Brochet.

Nicolas knows what it’s like to be on two sides of the wealth spectrum. He had a lot of luxuries when he was younger but lost them when he turned twenty years old. Adamant to return to days of glory and passion, he worked hard to build a career for himself. For a season, Nicolas worked in food and rose through the ranks to lead some of the most well-known restaurants in the world, such as Matignon and L’Opéra in Paris, La Petite Plage, and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez. Today, he has built several businesses that continue to flourish amidst the trying seasons.

Nicolas finds gratitude and inspiration in all he does in life itself, sharing how he chooses to cherish every moment. Music, fashion, and art have been trustworthy sources of enjoyment for the entrepreneur, which is why Nicolas finds it imperative that the International Fashion Music Art Festival happen at this juncture of time.

Nicolas hopes that the event would showcase the beauty of creation through various modes of expression to thousands of people and rekindle people’s desire for events, art, music, and fashion. Nicolas Brochet currently resides in Dubai. Visit Nicolas Brochet’s website to learn more about him, the International Fashion Music Art Festival in Zaya Nurai, and other upcoming projects.